The purpose of the site isn't to prove that AGW (anthropogenic global warming) doesn't exist, merely that contrary to mainstream media presentation, there is considerable skepticism both about the science itself and the process by which it is transmitted from scientific papers through the IPCC and the media to the public.

It is clear that energy companies were the originators of carbon trading. Enron persuaded Vice President Gore to sign the Kyoto Protocol and insert emissions trading into article 17.

The biggest pressure group at Copenhagen was The International Emissions Trading Association whose members include :-BP, Conoco Philips, Shell, E.ON AG (coal power stations owner, EDF (one of the largest participants in the global coal market), Gazprom (Russian oil and gas), Goldman Sachs,Barclays, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley. More or  less every corporation on earth supports global warming.

Many of the biggest political promoters of global warming are connected to the oil and gas industry. Margaret Thatcher ( her husband was a director of Burmah Oil), Kenneth Lay (Enron), Lord Browne (BP), Al Gore (100% owned and operated by Occidental Oil - his father was a director) , Rajendra K Pachauri (director of Indian Oil Corp.even during his time as head of the IPCC ).

There is no suggestion that either the oil companies or banks created global warming in some grand conspiracy. Enron discovered a way to make money from AGW in 1997, and the corporate world has been supporting it ever since. Naturally every government in the world and their connected science bodies (like the Royal Society) have followed suit in addition to every media outlet on earth spreading propaganda on a huge scale. The argument promoted below is simply that big oil, the banks and the mainstream corporate media will promote AGW irrespective of the science because it is in their interests. It isn't a conspiracy, just business.

The layout is fairly crude with the titles of articles, some of the text and a link below. This was done to facilitate copying and pasting . The 'Obscured by Clouds' reference is a nod to the promising Clouds cosmic ray experiment at CERN and of course, the Pink Floyd album.


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